Birdseed Birthday

Our farm is celebrating 125 years in the same location.  At the farm, we raise Red & White Proso bird feed, corn, sunflowers, wheat..

Our ON FARM SELF SERVE store is housed in the  old fashion looking wood building right at the front of the lot when you enter from the road. The lights will come on when you open the door. Shop in the dry  and with lights! We  are self serve dawn to dusk. Being self serve allows us to keep our prices very low.  Smile we like happy customers,  we now have video  surveillance.  We still offer several mixes of bird feed, birdhouses, as well as several squirrel feeds.

Keeping our prices low and keeping the enviornment clean are two of our top priorities.  To help both of these ventures we use and recycle one gallon containers.   Please rinse yours out, bring it down, and drop it in our recycle bin and we’ll reuse them.  Please don’t forget to bring us the cap TUANPOKER!



Grammas Store is now Open 7 days a week

Mon-Sat 10:00 AM   6:00 PM   Sun. 11:00 AM — 5:00 PM


Some Items:  Oregon grown Super Sweet Corn,   Assorted Melons, Apples, Cantaloupe,  Oregon Blue Berries, Raspberries and Black Berries, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Beets, Potatos, Onions, A Varitey of Lettuce,  Red, yellow and Green Peppers, Zucchini, Cucumbers, Super Sweet Corn, Green Beans, Carrots and other vegetables.


Pick up or for larger amounts Order (phone number below)  Cucumbers for Dill Pickles


The Sun Flower Field is now blooming.  A treat you should not miss.  You can take pictures, pick and walk about the patch.    Be sure to bring your camera !!!!


Oregon fresh Strawberry Season is over


Flower plants, vegtable plants and bedding plants are awaiting your selection in our outside green space


The metal backyard sclupture items are back due to demand.


For specific information contact us at  503-625-3312




Large  Hanging baskets  are in full bloom and looking good under our covered  blossom space


The hills are alive with the sound of farm equipment and Gramma’s Place has  opened the doors!  It is a time and season of rebirth, new growth and for all the beauty of the Pacific Northwest to unfold in colorful spring flowers and bushy trees! Sometimes it may seem easy to grumble about rainy Oregon, but we just remind ourselves that it’s the wonderful weather here that keeps things so green! That’s something to be very thankful for.

Aunty M’s been super busy in the greenhouses and our buildings runneth over. The gorgeous hanging baskets that Aunty M’s been hand planting and perfecting every spring for twenty-five years are growing into themselves and the garden starts and bedding plants are answering the call of the sun. (Plants have an excellent and sensitive sense for the sun’s emergence.)

It’s a beautiful day today, too! Uncle D’s out in the fields, growing the vegetables and fruits to be put in the store.


The shop is abuzz with new projects for 2011. A brand new barrel train is being constructed, metal chickens are being built from the tail feather up, and little farmers are being welding into happy little garden families.

Come check out all our new stuff! Aunty M’s handmade tote bags, Schlichting Century Farm label pantry goods, landscape and garden additions and, as always, our gratitude that you come back year after year to join us for good old fashioned family fun on the farm. See you Soon!!  Just click on the directions tab for a map to us !!!

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Bring your family to a family farm that’s been working the land and yielding its best for over 130 years. We’re proud to be the 4th and 5th generations to be carrying on this rich family farming history. In the 21st century, traditions are often left  along the wayside for better or for worse. Schlichting Century Farms meets the challenges of preserving these farming traditions, as well as preserving the agricultural land and environment for future generations. And hey, we’ve heard that “going green” is very now, so back to the point, bring your budding family in for a “hybrid” experience of preserving the tradition of farming while keeping current in preserving our world and its natural resources. We’ve been “green” since waaaay before it was trendy.

At Schlichting Century Farms  We look forward to bringing you and your family in on our farming ways. This Spring, come help us celebrate 134 years of sustainable family farming and start (or improve) your own set of family on the farm traditions!  We are very appreciative for your continued business   THANK YOU!!!!